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Innovation for the Commercial Vehicle Market

U-POL is delighted to be returning to the CV show in April this year with new additions and product innovations as part of its Raptor Protective Coatings System. As part of its new offer Raptor Coating can now be tinted to almost any RAL colour that a client requires. The introduction of Made To Order Colour ensures the product is mixed at U-POL’s Northamptonshire production facilities to meet exact corporate brand requirements whereas previously the unrivalled protection barrier was only available in black or a tintable version. This new and exciting development gives a factory standard, ready mixed and ready for use product that can be supplied in virtually any RAL colour and will match all Fleet Managers brand requirements – such as a Sainsbury orange or a John Lewis green.

The Made To Order colour proposition has all the protective properties of the Raptor system but is mixed professionally in our technical laboratories using the highest quality colour pigments.  No need for messy, time consuming tinting on site – Raptor colour comes delivered ready for use to the client’s exact colour requirements. It will be available in the CV appropriate sizes - 20L drums as an 80L kit (60 L coating / 20 litre hardener) 3:1 mix ratio. Used by tier one suppliers, OEMS, convertors and fleet owners along with the aftermarket sector, Raptor’s protective coating has a proven track record for keeping vehicles on the road for longer. Its Epoxy Primer and coating is quick and easy to apply – application takes less time and is more convenient than common powder-coating processes – and is watertight ensuring total rust protection. Hygienic and stain resistant, Raptor ensures cleaning is extremely quick while its UV resistant properties prevent sun fade so its freshly applied looks are maintained.  It is also salt spray resistant and has been tested to ASTMB 117. Protection against extreme temperatures and elements are assured while it is also chemical resistant, protecting against petrol, diesel and hydraulic oil spillages as well as animal urine.

Raptor has also been tested to ASTM D2794-93 for impact resistance, vitally important when protecting the inside of trailers and flooring while a variety of textures can be achieved in keeping with brand and specified client requirements. Safety wise, the use of Raptor Traction in the Raptor system produces an anti-slip surface and can be supplied clear to match any colour requirements for all hazard areas. Raptor boasts a plethora of certifications and official certification results including three BSI kitemarks – one for its anti-slip credentials, a second for its superior traction qualities and a third for is flammability.   

70 Years of Expert Manufacturing in UK

Another part of the CV solution comes from our U-POL products – 70 years’ experience in the automotive sector and UK market leader, means you can rely on professional, high quality, expert solutions for all CV repair requirements. We have a range of products and process expertise for commercial vehicle repairs aimed at getting the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.  Our processes can be used for a high performance finish or side of the road SMART repairs when speed is as important as quality of finish. From degreasers for surface preparation through to our market leading fillers for damage repair, supported by our range of abrasives and premium aerosols we have the complete solution. Our expertise stretch back 70 years to when the U-POL’s founder, Walter David, created the first 2 part filler under the iconic Isopon P.38 brand.  Further technical innovation followed and Raptor Protective Coatings were developed. British based with all manufacturing and technical development taking place at our Northamptonshire based factory, U-POL has served the industry for seven decades and in that time has expanded across the globe. The company has become the market leader in the repair category for automotive fillers and is now turning that expertise to servicing the CV market with high quality coatings and repair solutions.