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RAPTOR Trial success with Bristol Waste


The fleet manager for Bristol’s waste disposal operation believes the use of Raptor protective coating developed by U-POL could extend the lifecycle of his heavily corroded vehicles by at least two years. Iain Fortune, who oversees the daily use of the city’s fleet of 284 collection vehicles, freely admits to being “astonished” by how instantly effective the protective system produced at the company’s Wellingborough factory has proven. He claims a trial over the winter whereby two vehicles that were ravaged by rust caused by acidic foods collected from the kerbside were treated with Raptor and that the corrosion that was literally eating away at the metal units has ceased. In addition, as Bristol Waste used U-Pol’s Made To Order product pre-tinted to their branded colour, the vehicles instantly looked fresh and corporate.

Iain explained: “I first spoke U-Pol at the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Show and heard how Raptor could offer a solution to our single biggest problem by providing protection against wear and tear and stem the constant corrosion on our trucks. Due to the nature of our operation, our vehicles are true workhorses that, because of the constant damaged caused by the acidic waste we collect, can quickly look tired when in fact, as they are extremely well maintained and have plenty of life left in them. “We are always investigating ways in which we can extend the lifecycle of our vehicles but because of the damage caused by waste we collect that has, in the past proven impossible. From our experience, I believe Raptor could well increase the life by at least two years. It really is an incredibly robust and protective product.”

Completely water tight - reducing the risk of rust - and U.V. resistant that won’t fade, Raptor is highly durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. Its flexible formulation handles impacts without cracking and, aided by its versatility to be finished in smooth to rough anti-slip, its diversity makes it ideal for practically all applications across countless sectors. Iain added: “The ease of using Raptor was astonishing. We didn’t need to buy or hire any expensive equipment or implement changes in processes. It didn’t affect our HR policies and was something we could apply ourselves without any training or, in fact, any great effort.”