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Fill and Prime in Record Time

Our Dolphin Premium All-in-One Filler and our RAPID SYSTEM Primer – which will allow shops to fill and prime in as little as 30 minutes!  


U-POL’s Dolphin Premium All-in-One Filler:

  • Builds like body filler yet is incredibly smooth and pinhole-free so you can skip the glaze
  • It allows you to fill and glaze with the same product so there are less SKUs to buy
  • It’s direct to metal with industry leading adhesion to more substrates
  • It features outstanding vertical hold
  • It’s faster to sand – typically sands in 14 minutes at 70˚F, and it also sands to a fine powder that won’t clog sandpaper
  • Dolphin One Fill featheredges and won’t roll back
  • It’s solvent-proof in 20 minutes so it’s faster to prime
  • AND it’s available in gallons and quarts

U-POL’s Rapid System Primer:

  • Is 74% solids, which can produce up to a 4-mil build in just one to two coats
  • It offers a broad application range, making it ideal for both spot and multi-panel repairs depending on the ambient temperature
  • Rapid System Primer is gray in color, but can be tinted up to 10% with basecoat for the ultimate color match
  • It features an easy 4:1:1 or 4:1:2 mix ratio that can be modified for build, and it only utilizes one hardener for easy inventory management
  • Rapid System Primer SANDS in less than 1 hour!, which cuts down on the time to get to painting
  • And it’s available in both National Rule and low VOC formulations



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